We're celebrating 7 Years of Excellence in Community Oncology


CCE is a national network of practice-owned, physician-driven community-based oncology practices working together to realize a two-fold goal:

  1. Develop, influence, measure, and support evidence-based, best-practice cancer care to patients in their own community
  2. Provide the business support and purchasing power physicians need to flourish in their practices

CCE's foundation is our unique Evidence-based Treatment Protocols (ETPs). ETPs are created by CCE's Clinical Quality Committee using established industry guidelines, published sources and empirical data from CCE network practices. Each ETP is vetted by the appropriate User Group, the CCE Clinical and Clinical Quality Committee before release.

CCE provides a three-tiered approach to building a successful practice:

  1. Our ETPs provide Physicians with a complete, up to date, evidence based treatment protocol for quality patient care, along with a national network of peers to provide insight and support.
  2. Our published benchmarks, metrics and strategies help member practices fully engage Providers, and the clinical team members who provide the most direct care to patients.
  3. Through regular communication and meetings, CCE keeps its members informed on the latest strategies and solutions in Practice Management.

CCE helps practices manage the dual complexity of running the medical practice while maintaining and building a profitable business in a challenging environment.

CCE is the only physician-driven network that empowers oncologists to deliver proven, evidence-based treatment in community settings while ensuring the performance of their practices.